The Reverse "S" Fold Technique
This tip was submitted by Gary Reed (greed) and is useful in getting slippery, new zero-p canopies into the deployment bag.
  Get as much air out of the canopy as you can and make sure that any "loose" fabric is completely wrapped up in the pack job.
Instead of making the first "S" fold at the slider end make it at the deployment bag end as shown here.
Keep the fabric under control and complete the first "S" fold.
Work this "S" folded fabric into the deployment bag.
Control the bag (and the first "S" fold) with a knee and take hold of the slider end of the pack job.

Stand the deployment bag upright and "S" fold the slider end, putting it on top of the bag as shown.


Push the "S" fold into the center of the bag (in front of the first "S" fold). Then stow the lines and complete the pack job as normal.